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Tirer, Résister, Rompre - ‘(Anti)colonial monuments’ (2019)

video still, Tirer, Résister, Rompre, 2019, video, sound, 15’55’’

video still, Tirer, Résister, Rompre, 2019, video, sound, 15’55’’

Research, performance, and video work conceptualized and produced with artist Daniela Ortiz through the framework of the project ‘You don’t need to be a voice for the voiceless, just pass the mic’ led by the research platform Pratiques d’Hospitalité/Practices of Hospitality.

With monuments celebrating Jean-François Champollion as our point of departure, we explored the notions of coloniality, institutional racism, and cultural appropriation in France, and searched for modes of resistance through performative gestures: our bodies, and texts by Frantz Fanon and Houria Bouteldja.

We shared this work publicly at KADIST Paris through a performative event and screening, in relation to the three-year project ‘Not Fully Human, Not Human at All’.

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|PDF| (p. 122) Racism and Culture, Frantz Fanon, 1956 (EN)