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Cultus, Cultellus (2020)

ceramics, glaze. variable dimensions.
photos by Jeisung Oh 

A continuation of the work non-couteaux/cultus (2017 - present), looking at the symbolism and uses of the ‘knife’ and movements of the bodies which use the tool with differing intentions in mind.

Cultellus is the latin etymological root of the English word ‘to cut’ and the French word ‘couteau’, meaning ‘knife’. Cultus is the Latin root of ‘cultivate’ and ‘culture’.

The work expands on ‘ell-’ as a bridge between the violent use of a tool and the cultivation of life.

Working with ceramics for the first time at the C.C.C. ceramic residency, I had a desire to ‘dissect’ the object. I imagined the bone structures of the knife handles and blades.