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A narrative walk proposed collectively with the research platform Practices of Hospitality.
This was on the occasion of the exhibition Persona Grata taking place at the Musée National de l’Histoire de l’Immigration and at MAC VAL.

Guided visits would start off at the Musée de l’Immigration and allowed the public to visit the MAC VAL with the same ticket, but did not take into consideration the transportation for the 7.5km between the two institutions.

We invited the public that was present at the guided tour one morning at the Musée de l’Immigration to participate in a narrative walk complete with readings and performative acts, as well as a group meal on our way from point A to point B. The site-specific lectures included that of Audre Lorde’s ‘The Uses of Anger’ in the main hall of the Musée de l’Immigration, a gallery filled with large wall paintings of scenes of coloniality: celebrating the colonizers, subjugating colonized people, and illuminating feminized European values.

|PDF| The Uses of Anger, Audre Lorde, 1981

|PDF| De l’usage de la colère, la réponse des femmes au racisme, Audre Lorde, traduction française, 2003 (éditions Mamamélis), brochure mise en page en 2006 (DégenréE)

|PDF| texte collectif/collectively written text